2018 Recap: ICP Headquarters Build

We've completed a number of builds this year, but the most personal would definitely have to be our new ICP Headquarters! After months of brainstorming, designing, and building, it's almost finished (because let's be honest, there will always be a few things we want to keep changing and improving!)



The space gave us the opportunity to create something truly unique - a place to dream up new ideas, test them, tweak them, trash them, and recreate them.



We're looking forward to pushing the boundaries on all things climbing - from how we store bolts to how we wash holds, from how we set problems to how we strip them, from how we design walls to how many chupa chups we can eat in one sitting.



We've been working hard on documenting the whole project from start to finish, which will be sharing with you early next year - so stay tuned!


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