2018 Recap: Route Setting in China

We've had made a few trips this year but our of all of them, our trip to China would've had to be the biggest!

In April, ICP's route setters hopped on a plane to Tianjin in northeastern China to set at Over Rock, a brand new 2200sqft bouldering and roped climbing gym.



Setting the gym took almost 3 weeks, with the help of a scissor lift and a hard working cherry picker. We set a total of 140 boulder problems and roped routes- but keep in mind some of those routes were almost 18m long!



It was almost like a dream having so many different holds to choose from. As Route Setting Manager, Bek did an amazing job of managing the whole project.






We're super grateful to have had such a cool experience travelling to China to set a brand spanking new gym. It was definitely something we'd love to do again!

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